Friday, July 15th, 2016 11:30 pm
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Madness, clear madness. Because for so long wanting a single thing - the one truth in life, and that was inevitable; besides "nothing", the end of everything...
Your heart doesn't hurt and your reason doesn't tell you to think, it's just a change.
And change you do.
Not caring anymore. Brutally compensating for yout static lost, you can't keep playing with everyone.
iIt takes but a second: you are, and then you are somewhere else. You do!
Only anger and fear is intensified. Friendship and spirit lost.
Then a wall. Or maybe a call back.
How does it all make sense?
Time, being, nature, affection, sensation, life.
Good bye.
- I'm back. Having a laugh.
Even if... It was the opposite. I need to have you pull through and let's forget whst will be aftetwards.
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