Friday, July 15th, 2016

Friday, July 15th, 2016 11:23 pm
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Hate and love usually meet each other. - No matter how you love, you'll find the parts to hate; and even what or who you hate, you can't bring yourself to crush, roll over it.

He wanted everyone to be happy, even after him, is that weird to say?
But yes, he forgot who everyone was. That it meant everyone, not the weak, helpless, pained, passionate, connected, kind, nice, strangers...
So naturally, he didn't suceed, before he even started. - Couldn't get his wish granted. Resource his power.
Because he ignored one person almost completely, one other person besides himself.
No, in this sense, he at least somehow, quite a bit, actually acommodated himself and acted all upon his feelings; but so easily spoke anything, intended anything with a single part of the whole that could be called "everybody"!
That would act up.
Break his hope of happy everybody as it was an illusion... It could have been blamed on him.
Yet even then - he forgot.
Still couldn't see the hurt and want of an individual, so he failed more and more.
Lower and lower.
He won: and then realised it was unfair, blindness of love. With his own wish.
Another one (maybe).
Except, the problematic element was gone. The problematic element was gone. His grestest desire was smashed to nothingness. ...Everything made sense and ended well, for his truth that was gone; he couldn't see.
Such a thing.
He himself was still there.

Why did the girl eat the soap: it sounded tasty

I want to usurp my guru. Is that growth? Is that life?
I've always thought power, trends, people go beyond me... But now I think maybe marking your territory and perfection is the same. - Ambition. Desire. Disregard.

Friday, July 15th, 2016 11:30 pm
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Madness, clear madness. Because for so long wanting a single thing - the one truth in life, and that was inevitable; besides "nothing", the end of everything...
Your heart doesn't hurt and your reason doesn't tell you to think, it's just a change.
And change you do.
Not caring anymore. Brutally compensating for yout static lost, you can't keep playing with everyone.
iIt takes but a second: you are, and then you are somewhere else. You do!
Only anger and fear is intensified. Friendship and spirit lost.
Then a wall. Or maybe a call back.
How does it all make sense?
Time, being, nature, affection, sensation, life.
Good bye.
- I'm back. Having a laugh.
Even if... It was the opposite. I need to have you pull through and let's forget whst will be aftetwards.
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