Saturday, July 16th, 2016 07:11 am
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It's easy to not to notice, it's easy to not to notice that you are in pain, in need of sleep or feeling positively or protectively gor someone. Particulatly if just last time, you didn't gave a problem with getting something stuck in your arm, pleasing yourself for some days straight or cutting people open. If holding a heated pot was okay, did not hurt at all and now the pain is immense, you will ritually hold it and carry it and not realise the wrong of it, not realise the sensation of your pain. And simlarly for someone who was never hurt by ill words or betrayal, never have fallen in love, never felt extra desire for else's body (not in that sense), never had empathy, in the event that they feel strongly about others - besides hate, jealousy - they will not necessarily notice none of their own feelings And if you do notice them  you wouldn't 
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