Saturday, July 16th, 2016 04:20 am
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To me, you are everything. It is a new feeling and completely stupid. Stupid, because it took me so long to realise what you are, how I act with you, the comfort of being with you, what you give me, what I observe in such moments, is already what I've always wanted. - Not exactly the same, but maybe better.
Trying to get to the goal, I kept missing the chances, and the subtle, weak and vague feeling of being happy.
Oh, and once it was too late, how well did I see everything!! It is an irony worthy of my existence; my previous existence. Now I am about to die, but all of me belongs to you. For I all of a sudden realised I want go give you the world. An undiscribably spectacular change in
And if I could, I want to take everything for you. The silly pain and worries. Lead. All of yourself. Physical injuries. A x ride...
So the only thing I can do is die for you, instead of just dying.
Finally be free. Even unable to reach you. Hopefuly in your sight but also not cause for hurt. ...Celebrate my end, as if it was a happy thing. The tefm which I don't understand I think it was.
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