Saturday, July 16th, 2016 03:57 am
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They say that those kind of people completely disregard others.
But that's wrong, the disregard is for rules and feelings alone -
if given a list with considerable amount of references describing you, they're the only ones that are gonna read (or anything else) through.
They regard everything, just mostly as an annoyance.
Men are to them somewhere in hate, of difference, and the kind of love called 'envy'.
They are more than anyone conscious of any human.
Though they live completely for themselves, with themselves. Separated.
Maybe because they didn't have the chance.
Continuously repeating their pattern and being shown their place and role.
Can someone break away?
Someone did. After what you could call many lives in one. And also learnef sensitivity; the new kind...
Not as before.
Always considering self. "Self". Self.
- And still the only one with eyes on alert.
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