Saturday, July 16th, 2016 03:18 am
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You are the sum of your body, memories and character. Once one severed, you cease to exist. Do you die? What does dying mean??
In any case, you are not you. You are not. Someone new exists, who might be very well like you; but never truly is.
If you, as a concept are born again - it is only with basic standards in personality, possibly quite the same body. But you not only know different things, you act different, think different... And thus the world would account for that. Hope that given a direction, you will do something that fits it. Because really, has the world forgotten you? Of course not.
Somewhere, deep inside its core, you are woven. And the conflict of separate yous hurts such world, of course.
Sooner or later, almost as bad math.
The people who loved you. (For if you are a person, love is most important - the easiest way to survive and to forget the limit of that.) This is their end. Because you, as a concept, are betraying them.
A lie. ...Lost ground. It doesn't mean anything though! Not to you. No pain or happiness, only hunger and eyes.
If you are such that these are impossible; what does? Body too knew, the devision uncircumstancial - the definition is so few. Only an existence... A 'birth', that is what you are: the beautiful act of a new beginning, new force and not a person. Not the one that had reason, place and name. Simply an annomaly, that is not happy or bad luck. A concept not reborn, a concept to raise.
Without the force of the past.
You just are - everybody just is. Isn't that the hideous truth?
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